Spotlight: Coach Jimmy Ball’s Coaching Career


Coach Jimmy Ball has coached and taught here at North Point since the school first opened in 2005. He has also coached at Westlake for 11 years.  He recently celebrated his 350th game win and winning teacher of the year for Charles County Public Schools. For all 15 years,  Coach Jimmy Ball has helped shape and influence North Point High School’s athletics and students alike. I got the opportunity to asked him a few questions about his career.

If you weren’t a coach or art teacher where would you see yourself right now?

I would probably still be where I grew up, in LaPlata Maryland, working on a farm.

How do you motivate your players?

I talk about my life experiences in order to show them that they can overcome adversity.

What motivates you?

Getting the most out of my players and trying to be the best coach and person I can be.

Can you briefly talk about your 350th game win?

I am very proud because of all the players that have helped me accomplish my goals and win all 350 games from Westlake and North Point.

How do you balance teaching and coaching?

It’s not a balance, it’s the same to me. I incorporate them into each other.