Athlete of the Week


Greetings, North Point Students! The North Point Newspaper will now be introducing a new award for North Point Athletes! We call it . . Athlete of the Week!

Athlete of the week is similar to Student of the Month, where we recognize extraordinary eagles and their exceptional behavior, yet we will recognize an athlete that has exceeded expectations and has been a favorable member to their team.

Now we may announce who our Athletes of the Week are…. Amina Blackson (’22) and Darien Gamble (’22)!

Congratulations Athletes!

We spoke with our athletes of the week and asked them a few questions on how they feel about being awarded this title!

Let’s start off with Darien Gamble (’22) who runs for the North Point Track & Field Team!



Interviewer: How do you feel to be athlete of the month ?


Darien Gamble: I feel excited. When you get noticed and awarded for your hard work, it feels good.

Interviewer: What motivates you to keep

pushing in your sport?

Darien Gamble: My teammates, Coach Ball, and my parents, push me each week and want me to do good.

Interviewer: How do you accomplish the goals you set within your sport?

Darien Gamble: I accomplish my goals by working really hard every week.


Now let’s speak with Amina Blackson (’22) who is the captain of the North Point Field Hockey Team!

Interviewer: How do you feel to be athlete of the month?

Amina Blackson: I feel surprised because I didn’t know that this was an award in our school.

Interviewer: As you are the captain of field hockey, how do you lead your team to success?

Amina Blackson: I like to keep things fun to keep the team motivated to win.

Interviewer: What does a successful game or practice look like to you?

Amina Blackson: A successful game or practice would

be when the team is getting along well.