Martin Spinner: An Exemplary Student


Farah Leblanc, Editor

We’re celebrating Martin Spinner, a senior, for being recognized as the exemplary student for North Point High School at the Charles County Board of Education. Martin has gone above and beyond, demonstrating the true meaning of being a North Point eagle, through grades, showing out with school spirit, and showing kindness to everyone around him.

We asked Martin a few questions after his recognition at the board about what it’s like to be Martin Spinner at North Point High School. Here’s what he had to say:

Reporter: “What motivates you to do such a good job?”

Martin: “My drive to be successful… everything I do now will directly effect me in the future.”

Reporter: “What do you enjoy most about school?”

Martin: “I love being a part of the NPHS community. The lack of social interaction during virtual learning has made me take advantage of the opportunity to be in school.”

Reporter: “What do you think makes you do better in your classes?”

Martin: “Taking the time out to form relationships with students. My most successful classes are those where my teachers took the time to get to know me.”

Reporter: “How do you balance your athletics and school?”

Martin: “I stay extremely organized, sometimes it’s worth staying up until 12:00 am or waking up at 5:00 am to get the work done.”

We recognize Martin Spinner as an exemplary student here at North Point and all across the county. His work ethic, organization, communication skills, and drive are part of what truly makes him a great student.