International Creativity Month

International Creativity Month

International Creativity Month is celebrated in the month of January every year. It is said that being creative in the first month of the year can help people set the rest of their year up for success. This month was founded by Randall Munson, a speaker and entertainer. This month is the time for people to get inspired and innovative, to break out of their comfort zones. 

However, being creative can sometimes be a struggle for some people. It’s hard to get into a creative mindset and rewire how you think. Creativity isn’t just being able to come up with a new idea on the spot; it’s a whole mindset that aids in daily life. But it can be difficult to develop that mindset. So, what are some ways that help to boost creativity? 

The simplest thing is doing something you love! Having passion can drive creativity and innovation. Ask yourself, do you feel more creative when doing the things you love or when doing the things you’re not too fond of? When do your best ideas come out? Another part of enhancing creativity is the right environment. You may hear that some people always get the best ideas in the middle of the night, or maybe while they are outside in the rain. It’s different from person to person, but finding that creative environment is a great way to boost your creative thinking.  

Have you ever hit an obstacle when tackling a problem in life? You need to think of a way to fix the situation. One would think that devoting more attention to a problem would help, but creating distance is actually more beneficial! A research article by Marta K. Wronska mentions that distancing yourself from the problem or imagining the distance can actually help people conjure up more creative solutions. Other ways to find solutions to ideas would be re-conceptualizing the issue at hand. Doing so can allow you to think about the problem in a different way, from a different perspective. Revisiting the origin of the issue and looking at other routes one may take to a solution is an incredibly creative way of finding solutions in day-to-day issues. 

Creativity is also tied to emotions. Getting emotional is typically seen as a flaw when really, it’s a part of being human. Both strong positive and negative emotions can lead to more creativity. There is research that links strong emotions to a creative mindset. Removing that stigma that emotions only get in the way can help oneself open a world of creativity. Even in the lowest times, one can apply their negative energy into something amazing. Think about New Year’s resolutions. A common one is to lose weight; this stems from people being upset about their body image or loving the idea of working out to develop a healthier lifestyle. But things like this stem from negative emotions. We tell ourselves that while we may be upset, we can change this and make the best out of these negative feelings. 

Creativity is a part of life; there will always be a moment that requires creative thinking, solutions, ideas, and more. Being able to harbor creativity and see the world in a different way is beneficial to all. And January is the perfect month to begin working on those ideas and solutions!