What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up? A Video Game Designer


Leah Ross, Editor

The video game realm has taken our generation by storm. From ‘Fortnite’, ‘Call-of-Duty’, to the series of NBA 2K games that each gamer is obsessed with.

But what if you made your own game? What if you could create a video game that would not only be played by others but could also influence a group of people?

You could be a video-game designer!

Video game designers are in charge of the design and layout of a game and are the individuals who are behind the amazing storyline, the looks of each character, and the difficulty of each level.

If you are a creative individual who has amazing ideas, why not consider being a video-game designer? Implement your wonderful ideas onto someone’s tv screen!

Now that you know how fun the job is. . . Let’s get into the details of this career.

Video game designers in the U.S make a salary of $21,413 to a whopping $576,759 a year.

Most video game designers have a bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, graphic designing, computer science, game design, or a software engineer.

The most important step in becoming a video game designer is building your portfolio. The more sophisticated your portfolio is, the more of a chance you get into landing a job with a good gaming company. Portfolio’s will  help you truly stand out from other individuals aspiring to be a video-game designer as well.

Some skills you will need to become a video-game designer are:

Creativity- To create the style, storyline, and unique look of each character.

Communication skills- You will be working with a group, making sure each department and each person are on the same page, which is very vital.

Leadership skills- Being a leader is vital in any career, taking control and being able to keep all departments on track is necessary.

Programming Skills- Knowing how to program is very important in creating a video-game for each code creates each specific aspect of the game.

Focus-  Video games usually take around three years to complete. Staying focused and on task is very important as video-game designers must pay attention to every little detail.

Some famous video-game designers are Darren Sugg, the video-game designer of ‘Fortnite’, Markus Perrson, one of the video-game designers of ‘Minecraft’, and Leslie Benzies, one of the video-game designers of ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

That could be you one day!

Consider the amazing career of a Video-game designer. The job of infinite possibilities!