What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up? An Actor


Leah Ross, Editor

Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you dream of being the star of a hit movie? Working with Brad Pitt or Tom Holland? Possibly even work with Zendaya? Then maybe you should consider being an Actor/Actress!

But of course that would include the long hours of being on set and reading scripts.

Being an Actor/Actress is a fun job to have, yet it’s not the easiest to become noticed. Let’s get into the details of what it takes to become a Actor.

The median salary of an actor is $43,760. Yet, hit movie stars such as Zendaya or Angelina Jolie make over a million dollars for one movie.

Most actors take acting classes to help learn the skills of acting and help them to improve before auditioning for certain roles.

Before auditioning for roles, a headshot is very necessary. Casting Directors will need to be able to see a clear view of you to be able to picture you for the role.

Attending several casting calls and auditioning will help you a lot in eventually landing a role.

You will also need an agent. Most celebrities in industries such as the music industry, acting industry, or fashion industry have agents that will make it easier for them to get booked at different events and roles.

A good perk of being an actor is that you will need to live in big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago. Most filming productions are located in large cities such as those.

Yet, the hard truth of acting is that you will have to be on set for long hours. 12 to 20 hours is how long most actors spend on set especially for a movie. Most movies take around 3 months to film overall.

Actors also have to read and memorize each line of their script. There also maybe several script changes which the actors have to constantly adjust to.

There are also other different types of acting that you can partake in. Voice acting or even stage acting.

Ponder over it. if you love to put on different characters, or act out your favorite celebrity, then acting is probably for you!