New School Lunch Policy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced new updates on school nutrition. Part of the new policy changes include that schools and child-care providers be required to offer low-fat and nonfat non-flavored milks, as well as nutrient rich whole grains. Also in 2023-2024, the weekly sodium limit for breakfast and lunch will be decreased by 10%. Mayor Eric Adams has implemented a new policy for food in New York City Public Schools. In this policy, Friday menus will become vegan only.

I have asked kids around the school what they think of the policy and whether Maryland should implement it or something like it in our schools. Here’s what they had to say.

Reporter: “What do you think of the new vegan Fridays food policy implemented in the New York Public School systems?”

Antonio Alford (grade 10): “I like how they are trying to diversify their menus and trying to cater to different types of people.”

Reporter: “Would you support the new food policy being implemented in Maryland?”

Antonio: “It depends on what vegan items would be served.”

I asked the same questions to another student:

Jamari Queen (grade 10): “If you want to be vegan, then you can vegan, but I don’t think you should force that food choice on others.”

“I wouldn’t want this policy to be implemented into Maryland because it doesn’t cater to what I like.”

The new food policy has gotten a lot of feedback, both good and bad. Whether it is making one day a vegan day or having ice cream at the end of lunch,  I think all students would agree that the food policies in our school systems should start becoming more creative in their choices.