Why You Should Take Yearbook Next Year

“Yearbook? That’s a class? What do they do in there?”

Yes! Yearbook is in fact a class held at North Point! It is a class where students 10th Grade and above, can contribute on the making of the yearbook for the school year.

Yearbook is a great class to take in which you can capture moments throughout the school year in aid of creating the yearbook.

What do yearbook students do exactly?

In yearbook, students get the chance to use Canon camera’s to take pictures outside of class, be in charge of certain pages in the yearbook, and be able to get front row view at football, basketball, and all sports games.

Yearbook students work really hard in creating the yearbook to make each page stand out and amplify the true greatness of our school with each turn of a page.

Speaking of working hard, students taking yearbook have to be very persistent in creating each page, for there are crucial deadlines needing to be met. Days before deadlines, the vibe of the yearbook classroom can become very tense and stressful.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of fun days in class! After meeting a deadline, yearbook celebrates by playing games or even having a pizza party!

A yearbook student, Cara Hunter (’22), mentioned her experience being in the yearbook class so far.

“It’s a lot of busy work, but the work isn’t hard. The class is very enjoyable and I recommend others to take it. It also helps you meet new people around the school due to taking pictures of students, and activities around the school and throughout the school year.”

Yearbook is a fun class and a great elective choice! You won’t regret it. We need you!