Senior Sign-In Day


As seniors are almost out the door, there are a few tasks that still await them. This Thursday, seniors were given the opportunity to sign their name next to their awaited college, military branch, or work force.

It was a fun time for seniors to gather around and converse with each other before their last days of high school.

There was ice cream, candy, and even backdrops for students to take pictures with their friends and future college classmates.

The North Point band was even there to play good music to set the vibe.

It was undeniable that everyone had a good time with themselves and their friends.

Let’s hear from some seniors and how they felt about the time they had on Thursday.

“It was super exciting seeing the colleges everyone is going to. It was nice seeing things actually come into fruition because people talked about what school they want to go to and their dream school, and to actually see people with their college gear on and signing their name was truly exciting. This are our final days of high school and we actually get to see where everyone is going for the next their next four years.” Stated McKayla Parker (’22).

“It was fun seeing people with the shirt of the college their going to and people talking about their future plans. The vibe of the entire event was really nice and I had a good time with everybody.” Stated Cara Hunter (’22).

Seeing everyone sign which college they’re going to, let’s see how the college decision making process was for them.

“Choosing a college was very hard for me because I look at it as not just choosing a school, but choosing your future. I was deciding to go somewhere that would benefit me educationally, and also benefit my happiness. It was truly a hard decision but I’m happy with the choice I made and what my future withholds.” Stated by McKayla Parker (’22).

“It wasn’t really hard for me to choose a college because I already had my mind made up at the beginning of the year, so the college decision process was very simple for me.” Stated Cara Hunter (’22).

High school is coming to an end, but this is only the beginning of their futures. As this was one of the little final tasks that seniors had to do, this was a very enjoyable event for everyone.