Is Netflix Fading Away?

As one of the first companies to provide a streaming platform with a variety of TV series and movies, Netflix has continually demonstrated its status as a pioneer in the video streaming industry. As they started creating original material in 2012, they have consistently kept raising the bar.  

Nonetheless, Netflix has been working hard to make up lost ground as it loses significant market share as a result of the influx of other streaming services (HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, etc.) and millions of members.  

Has Netflix just launched an ad-supported tier, intentions to forbid password sharing, and cancelled TV shows? 

Netflix has always been known for canceling TV shows before they had a proper ending, but Netflix seems to have gotten worse. In 2022 alone, Netflix ended 30 different shows, and only 10 of them had proper endings. Shows like Warrior Nun and Inside Job were cancelled in 2022 alone, causing enraged fans to want to stop watching Netflix.  

“I feel like there are only a few good shows on Netflix now and there are other streaming services that can fulfill what I like to watch, especially since Netflix is constantly cancelling shows,” senior Neil Agravante says. 

Many Netflix viewers who discovered that their TV show was canceled before a significant story climax was resolved share this opinion. 

Yet contrary to what you might believe, Netflix does not just axe series with poor ratings or viewership. After one season, series like Fate: The Winx Saga, which ruled the list of all Netflix shows, were cancelled. 

“Recently I’ve started watching New Girl, and I am shocked to find out that the show will be taken down April 9th. It’s very disappointing to me that I just started to enjoy the show and now it’s being taken from me, and I’ll have to find another streaming service to watch the show,” senior Cannon Reynolds says. 

Now with Netflix implementing a strict standard for password sharing, they’ve lost thousands of their subscribers. They now face competition from other streaming services such as Disney + and Hulu.  

Although Netflix has disappointed a lot of people, it remains the most popular streaming service with over 220 million subscribers. 

“Netflix has disappointed me, but there are still many good shows, and it’s one of the only streaming services I have, so I’m going to stick by it.” junior Mahek Patel says.