Teacher Feature: Meet Ms. Davis

Ellis Childers, Staff Writer

You may have met her during the summer at orientation, but most of you do not know our new vice principal, Ms. Davis! She can be seen anywhere, whether it’s walking past her office or roaming the halls during NEST. Ms. Davis is the new vice principal for ninth grade, so it’s time for us sophomores and upperclassmen to get to know her and how she is adjusting to our lovely school.

As we get right into the details of her journey to North Point, Having been to two colleges, she has spent quite some time in school. Ms. Davis attended the University of Maryland to study Family & Consumer Science and at McDaniel College she received a degree for curriculum and instruction. “I wish I had gotten more active in college” Ms. Davis says as she sits with her fingers intertwined.

Unlike many other teachers and administrators, Ms. Davis is from around here. She moved from Riverdale in Prince George’s County to Charles County in 1996. Ms. Davis was the first in her close knit family to not only move away but to go to college.

When asked about how she was adjusting to North Point, she says “Kids are kids; they’re still the same from when I had taught school, it is all still great.” Ms. Davis continued to say “the only difference at North Point from my other experiences is the emphasis on professionalism here with the STI programs.” She included that this is a “beautiful facility, even though I do miss having the natural light of a window.”

Ms. Davis may be the new administrator but she expresses that she misses the classroom. Her inspiration to become a teacher was a mentor in middle school. “I was active in high school and had given workshops to other teenagers my age, following in the footsteps to becoming a teacher.” Ms. Davis did admit that she did not think about becoming an administrator since she had taught Child Development for 17 years at Lackey.

If Ms. Davis is not found monitoring the halls and greeting us fellow students, she can be found simply spending time with her friends and having a good laugh or reading a good book. Although she wishes that she could sing, Ms. Davis says that she loves interior decorating.

Smiling, she explained that coming here was a very smooth transition. “I love kids, and the staff was very welcoming.” She went on to say how impressed she is with the students here at North Point. “The hardest part of adjusting was learning the building, yet it was smoother than my other transitions from middle schools to other high schools.” So if you happen to see Ms. Davis in the halls or on the way to class, welcome her and say hello!