Freedom Week


Last week in honor of all active duty and retired military, was Freedom Week. Freedom Week is held November ninth through thirteenth; the same week as the national holiday Veterans Day. Veterans Day is in recognition to those who serve the country and those who gave their lives to preserve America’s freedom and liberty. Veterans Day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918.
Freedom week is meant to show gratitude for all veterans especially those working in schools. During Freedom Week the morning announcements were extended for U.S. trivia and performances by the chamber choir. Chamber choir performed the “Star Spangled Banner” on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, November 11th the students were given the day off due to the federal and national holiday. A Veterans Day salute took the place of school on Wednesday; where people were invited to come to the James E Richmond Science Center to view “D-Day Normandy 1944”.
On Thursday all staff that has served in the military including, Lt. Col. Jonathan Brown, Lt Col Linda Ray and Sgt. Kevin Hartfield were thanked for their service over the announcements. When asked about how being shown thanks for their service makes them feel Lt. Col Ray said “When people thank me for my service, it makes me feel grateful and humble. When I first joined the military I just thought of it as a job, and now that I’m retired, the fact that people thank me for just doing my job makes me really grateful”, and that is one of the many reasons the school recognizes the bravery and honor of the military’s service.
Freedom week was concluded on Friday with a moment of silence to honor fallen veterans. Freedom week is the students and faculties way of showing how much they appreciate the service of the military.