Satisfaction and Succulence: The Charles County Fair


It’s that time of the year again, North Point Students are settling into their academic routines, picking up fall sports and activities, and partaking in the usual affairs of the summer to fall quarter. One such event, known not only to North Point staff and students, but rather the county as a whole, is the Charles County Fair. A place where the people are chattering, the rides are rushing, the contests are underway, and the smell of food is gracing the air with its succulent presence. A place where students such as North Point Senior, Michael Bailey, claim that “I can come here to hang out with my friends and get fair food that you can’t have anywhere else.”  An acceptable reason for going to the Charles County Fair apparently (according to common consensus), is simply for just the food! It is also perhaps worth noting that Bailey strongly recommends anyone new to the Charles County Fair try the corndogs served at the communion. “I tend to favor the kettle corn and funnel cakes sold here,” says North Point Junior Jordyn Best. Just like Michael Bailey and Jordyn Best however, many of whom who populate the pathways of the Charles County Fair, occupy the picnic tables of the culinary tents at nearly all times of the day. Even during the late hours of the evening, at least half of these tables are fully occupied with fair participants holding food in their hungry hands. The county fair holds a plethora of activities: rides, races, contests, concerts, and perhaps while there are many other luxuries to be consumed and partake in during the fair, there just seems to be the one factor that is agreed on by the majority of participants: nothing equates to the satisfaction of eating Charles County Fair food.