‘Tis the Season


Melanie Battle, Staff Writer

The holidays. Many people anticipate this time of the year. Spending time with the family and just celebrating. Giving gifts and receiving them. Seeing the looks of merriment on faces as gifts are opened. The feeling of joy after surprising a loved one. Sitting by the warm fire while drinking a sweet cup of hot chocolate and snuggling under a thick blanket. The excitement of watching snow fall from the sky. What does the holiday time mean to you?

Sophomore Amre Keyes celebrates the holiday, Christmas. She really likes how around this time of year, people seem to be a little bit nicer. “Like how they hold open doors when they normally don’t,” she says. Her family also has special holiday traditions. “My whole family goes to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve every year and we have a gift exchange. It’s so much fun.” Her favorite part of the holiday time is how happy everyone is.

Rida Dhanani, a sophomore, says she celebrates Christmas, “but not the Jesus part.” When asked about how she feels about this time of year, she said, “Family. Mostly my siblings because they don’t live with me so when they come home it’s really fun. It makes me feel thankful for what and who I have in my life.” She likes the spirit everyone has around this time, “Like when people decorate their houses or are kind to everyone, even strangers.” Many families have holiday traditions and Dhanani has some with hers. “Every year, my sister and I make these pretzel kisses things and watch ‘Santa Clause’. Since my parents get off from work on Christmas and they’re so busy all month with work, we watch a Bollywood movie together.”

The holidays are a time to get close to family, to relax and to give. So don’t forget to spend quality time with family and friends and to give when you receive. Happy holidays!