Students Breeze through Lunch with New Lines

Every day at NEST, many students can be seen in long lunch lines to get their food. Sometimes these waits can get up to fifteen or twenty minutes, and then when students are finally served,  they have little time to eat before having to run off to their next activity or third block. Lunch even had to be extended on occasions because not everyone was able to get food before NEST was over. This all changed on Thursday, October 20 when a revamped lunch line system was put into effect.

When students walked into the cafeteria, administrators directed people buying lunch into a new line, complete with stanchions to save space. Students were then directed few at a time into whichever of the six lunch lines that was shortest at that moment.

New exit only ramps were put in place to reduce crowding and create an open walkway. People were then able to sit where they wanted, as usual. Also, for the first time, there were actually empty lines because everyone finished getting their food early.

“We put the new lines into place so we can get people in and out of the cafeteria quickly and efficiently,” said Mr. Mast.

Students are appearing to adjust to the new lunch lines quickly. Their positions on them, however, are more varied. Some students believe that the new lunch lines are more efficient than the old ones.

“They are a good change because you can get your lunch faster,” said Andre Winkfield (’15). However, some students aren’t as enthusiastic about the idea of new lunch lines.

“I don’t think they’re a good idea,” commented David Graham (’14). “The old way works just as well.”

So far the new NEST lines have been doing what they were intended to do, making buying lunch more efficient for students. It appears that the lines will be sticking around.