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The Quest for NEST

The Quest for NEST

September 25, 2017

Editorial: Save NEST

Editorial: Save NEST

The Editors

December 4, 2011

Ways to Make N.E.S.T. More Entertaining

Samaria Khan, Staff Writer

November 6, 2011

As the bell rings to begin N.E.S.T., student rush out of their classrooms to go to their lockers and find their friends.  Many students use this one hour lunch as an opportunity to socialize rather than actually eat lunch and...

Students Breeze through Lunch with New Lines

Alex Best, Contributing Writer

October 30, 2011

Every day at NEST, many students can be seen in long lunch lines to get their food. Sometimes these waits can get up to fifteen or twenty minutes, and then when students are finally served,  they have little time to eat before...

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