Ways to Make N.E.S.T. More Entertaining

As the bell rings to begin N.E.S.T., student rush out of their classrooms to go to their lockers and find their friends.  Many students use this one hour lunch as an opportunity to socialize rather than actually eat lunch and study. But what would is the purpose of having N.E.S.T. if students are not using it to get any work done or eat?

Even with the new lunch lines, it is still hard for many students to eat lunch and have time left over to participate in a club or use the time as a chance to get homework done. “I don’t like the new lines, and there are not that many food options,” Kimberly Shaw (‘14) stated.

The idea of holding different clubs during N.E.S.T. is nice but when it really comes to it, those clubs aren’t really being held. A lot of students say that they are a part of a club that they only go to once a month. If the clubs were doing more than giving students a place to eat lunch, a lot more students would join them.

Another problem during N.E.S.T. is having somewhere to go to eat. The tables in the cafeteria are usually always full and that either leaves it to sitting outside or unfortunately, on the ground. “Most of the times I walk around, it takes me like ten minutes to find a place to eat lunch,” Imon Alieu (’14) expressed about having to search for a place to eat her food.

It’s nice to have an hour to hang with friends, study, and try to eat lunch. Hopefully, the school’s administrators and teachers will come up with more ideas on how students can most effectively use the hour lunch.