Night to Shine 2020


Kyla Mitchell, Editor

Night to Shine gives people with special needs, ages 14 and older, an amazing prom night which is an experience they will never forget. This event was hosted by 721 churches around the world with the help of 215,000 volunteers.

On February 7, 2020, I had the honor of being one of those 215,000 volunteers at the local event held at Jaycees in Waldorf, MD. There were various volunteer opportunities such as greeters, bathroom attendants, medical team, and a team to encourage wallflowers to make it to the dance floor. I chose to be a “buddy”. My job was to be with my buddy all night and make it an all-around great experience for them.

The night started with me and the other volunteers waiting for our buddies to arrive. When my buddy arrived, I had the pleasure of taking her to the hair and make-up station and helping her select the perfect corsage; she chose a beautiful shade of yellow. After she was glammed up, we rode in a limo to where the prom was taking place and were greeted by a red carpet and other volunteers, “the greeter team”.

The night went on to include all of your traditional prom activities – prom photos, dancing, a well laid out buffet, and every attendee being crowned king and queen. Yet, this prom was so much more than traditional. This event made everyone attendee feel special while giving their family and caregivers an opportunity to rest knowing their family members were well taken care of and having the time of their lives. Night to Shine not only offered an unforgettable experience for my buddy but me as well and I encourage everyone to be a part of it next year.