Election Update: Where Does The Country Stand?


Election Day is coming closer and closer. President Obama’s second and final term will come to an end, and that means a new leader has to take his place. There are three main candidates that stand out over all of the rest, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson.
Former First Lady, Hillary Clinton is praised for her Independent spirit, and her desire to be the first woman president of the United States of America. Her promises to make abortions rare, and to reach out to teens, really makes her seem like the superior candidate. Andrea Simmons (’18) says, “I think she’s a good candidate for president. She seems like she will work hard to resolve our current issues and make the nation better.” Darren Alford (’17) mentions, “Hillary Clinton would be a good fit for office, because she has had experience in the White House. As a bonus it would be nice to see a woman in charge.” Anjanique Lafontant (’18) proclaims, “I think Hillary Clinton shows a lot of perseverance due to the fact that she has attempted to run several times.”
Donald Trump is an American businessman whose actions are viewed differently by many Americans. Nicola Chancio (’18) quotes, “I am not really into politics, but when Donald Trump said, “All of our veterans need to be treated better”, that really made me think that he wasn’t as bad as everyone says he is.” Jason Hamilton (’16) recites, “Donald Trump confuses me. He states all these policies that he wants to enact, but doesn’t have the power or policies to do so. He continues to be in the media because of it and it takes away from learning about the other candidates without doing further research.”
Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and is now a candidate for President in the Republican Party. Ben Carson seems to be very popular among people, for his effort to “reshape” America. Ryan Murrell (’17) recalls, “Ben Carson’s story really pushed me to want to learn when I was little. I would probably say he is the top option out of the three for me, since he was kind of a role model for me.” Da’juon Washington (’17) “I don’t trust African Americans as republicans, because them being in office isn’t for us, it’s for their pockets.”
November is coming pretty quickly. Are you ready?