Downfall of ISIS?

SDF Militants hold their flag outside the city of Raqqa

SDF Militants hold their flag outside the city of Raqqa

Kevin Rohrbaugh, Staff Writer

The United States-backed forces in Syria have launched their final assault on the remaining Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) combatants in the city of Raqqa. These forces are known as The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They began their attack on October the 8th when several ISIS members began to flee the city. The liberation of Raqqa was declared late in the day on October the 20th.

ISIS is not an internationally recognized state because of their warlike and savage actions towards those who aren’t as radicalized, however if it were, many believe Raqqa would be the capital because of the high population of militants and ISIS leaders. This terrorist group has held the city for three years and likely would have maintained power without western intervention.

The SDF is partially made up of Kurds, who also don’t belong to one nation as a whole, and are also not recognized as a state, yet their peace and cooperation with many other neighboring countries in the fight against terror leads them to be left alone when they aren’t actively at war with the countries containing them. The Department of Defense stated that The SDF was not aided by allied soldiers, but rather only with intelligence, money, and weaponry from western nations that include and act in conjunction with The United States of America.

The SDF seems bound and determined to wipe the city of any terror. The SDF have been fighting throughout the city for nearly four months and this is said to be the last push. The flee from the city is believed to be promoted by SDF members to weaken the ISIS force before the final assault. The other reason many ISIS members fled on the 8th is rumored to be because civilians were told to evacuate.

The Department of Defense in America released in a Halloween press release that “[ISIS] has no capital and no physical caliphate,” then later went on to say “Their leaders are in hiding and yet they are running out of places to hide… Raqqa was freed by Syrians. Raqqa will be secured by Syrians. Raqqa will be governed by Syrians.” This seems to be a ray of hope and leads many to the conclusion that although terror won’t subside for many generations, ISIS should be coming into the rear-view mirror very soon.