Top Five Self-Care Tips During Quarantine


As Charles County moves from ‘Safer at Home’ to reopening with confidence, the community is still being asked to focus on essentials outings and continue practicing social distancing. Here are some tips to keep you emotionally, physically, and intellectually healthy.

  1. Get a daily dose of the sunshine vitamin.

The Sun is your best source of Vitamin D which not only provides a boost in mood but has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health.  Low Vitamin D is linked to Osteoporosis, Cancer, Depression, muscle weakness, and more. It’s very important to get up and out even if it’s just going for a walk. Maybe even one day do your homework outside.

  1. Stay connected with friends and family.

You can still stay in contact and active with friends and family without being face to face. These ways include Zoom meetups, car parades and FaceTime. Challenge your creativity with and backyard movie theaters with a handful of friends with room for 6-feet social distancing and masks. With these uncertain times, everyone is concerned and wondering what will happen next, so it is important to provide comforting words and support.

  1. Set and track personal physical goals.

Even though gyms are closed there are still ways for you to be active. Now more than ever you can find free workout videos and tutorials On Demand, Instagram, YouTube and more. Most people turned to food and TV for comfort the first few months but don’t make it become a habit. Continue to keep your healthy eating habits and be consistent in your physical activities.

  1. Take this time to be productive.

Depending on your year of high school, you can be researching future careers, trade schools or colleges of interest, requesting recommendation letters, participating in online volunteering opportunities, or developing the next big thing. Stay in tune with the activities you love or find a new hobby you never knew about. When boredom strikes, clean your room, wash your parent’s car, or read a book. With a little extra time on your hands you might find yourself doing things you never did before.

  1. Take a break from news, and yes even, social media.

It’s important to stay informed but not overwhelmed. As teenagers we use social media outlets a lot maybe more than we should. You may find it beneficial to take this time to relax. Do not become stressed during these uncertain times.