Bouncing Back

After losing to Lackey, the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team bounced back. On March 27, the boys started the game off strong, scoring five to zero, which continued into the second half of the game, when the Spartans scored two times. The Eagles, however, played smart and aggressively, while also practicing patience. The team also demonstrated talent for being so relatively young to the sport of lacrosse. Cage Brocato (18’) only got scored on twice during the second half of the game, securing multiple saves. By the end of the game, the Eagles crushed the Spartans, capturing a 10-2 victory, which ultimately proved their relentless will and hard work.

“I thought as a team we played well. Our main goal of the game wasn’t to run the score up but to show we could work together as a team, which I think we successfully did.” Said Shane Johnson (16’)—main goalie, defensive player, and team captain. When asked about his thoughts on the game he responded, “We are a young team with a lot of inexperience. As far as varsity goes, I think we’re all learning together and doing well to adjust to one another’s game.”

In addition to the Eagles playing a good game on Friday, they also demonstrated their hard work, and learned from their last game against Lackey. “Well it was a good game after the loss to Lackey. We needed to work out some stuff as a team and this game helped us a lot. As I always say, don’t let one game define your season.” said Damarcus Coleman (15’). Ultimately, the Eagles continue to work hard as they know they can never fully be satisfied only with their past accomplishments. As a result, their competition only drives them to work harder.