Athletic Spotlight: Larry Johnson


Tennis is a French sport loved and played by many Americans today. For sophomore Larry Johnson, he’s made a love for tennis, and even made the NPHS Tennis team. Larry is a great player and is the number one on the team, along with Andrew Beauchamp (’16).

In his freshman year, Larry was on North Point’s Cross Country team, Boys Freshman Basketball, as well as Varsity Tennis. This year, Larry played JV Football, and now is playing Varsity Tennis, and is a great team player on both sports. For Larry, Tennis is a big influence in his life, in the summer he practices everyday with his dad for 1-2 hours. He is very committed and wants to make the best of himself with this sport. He mentions, “I want to win SMAC, make it to regionals, make it to state, and eventually get an athletic scholarship for tennis.” He also adds, “I think I’m doing a good job holding my own against upperclassmen who I compete against in one-on-one matches. To prepare for my matches, I listen to my music that helps me focus, and I also talk to my friends about what they do to prepare for matches to get some ideas, and inspiration”

“As a team, our goal is to have everyone make it to the SMAC tournament and get further than we did last year” elaborates Larry.  Larry has helped his team to a great extent, and will continue to do so. North point Varsity Tennis will face Northern High School tonight at 4:00. Be sure to come out and show your team spirit.