Where talent is discovered: Coffeehouse

Gabrielle Churchill, Staff Writer

Coffee House started nine years ago when the school opened, this year marked their tenth performance. Mr. LaBelle (Theatre teacher) explains, “Coffee house is a great experience, it’s a wonderful opportunity for all students to show their talent. It’s not just the theatre kids in it, anyone who wants to be a part of it.” Coffee House is more than just singing and dancing. There is R& B, monologues, bands, and group performances of a lot of different things.

This year there were a lot of people who stood out: among them where Michael Stewart and Jimmie Williams (’14).  Fortunately for people there Jimmie was a host along with Daquon Bradford, both of which did an amazing job in selling the crowd. Williams (’14), also performed he sang, “All of me” by John Legend.  Olivia Johnson (’14) explains, “It is really loud, I was also performing its overwhelming, there were many performers and it was kind of dark.”

Now Coffee House just isn’t about the performers, credit is given to the wonderful crew. There were many waiter and waitresses along with spot lights crew and run crew that made the event go flawlessly; even with a trip here or there.    Brianna Williams (’14) says, “Seeing it all come together is the best part.” Mr. LaBelle says, “The best part is the cheesecake and coffee mugs.

Coffee House is what it is by the supporters and the friends/ family who go out and support there next super star.  Gunnar Keenan (’16) expresses, “It really brings us together as a group of students and peers, we get to see each other’s’ skills and what makes them unique.”