Coming Home Undefeated


Arianna Howard, Editor-in-Chief

The evening of Friday, October 23 brought a victory for the varsity football team, allowing them to continue their undefeated streak. It felt as though the whole school was in attendance, students, teachers, even alumni, coming to cheer on the team as they fought against Great Mills.

Before the game, however, players paid tribute to their loved ones who have or had suffered from breast cancer, having a balloon release to show their respects. It was a touching moment that had everyone in the stadium silent.

Once the game started, though, no one could be quiet. With ThunderStix being given out for free, everyone just wanted to shout and encourage the team to go for the win. The team started out strong, getting two touchdowns during the first quarter for a score of 14-0. During the first intermission, the crowd was entertained with an incredible performance from the marching band.

As the game resumed, so did everyone’s spirits, cheering and celebrating for their team. Touchdown after touchdown was scored, and the game ultimately ended with 35-0, defeating Great Mills. The win could easily be credited to the player’s excellent defense, as well as their powerful offense, never letting the other team get past them.

One of the players, Keisean Wilson (’17) agreed to talk about the game. When asked what he thought the highlight of the game was, he replied, that it was definitely blocking Great Mills’ punt. Commenting on how the team is doing so far in the season, he said, “We are basically just going off of what we did last year, and collectively, as a group, we are more physical and tougher this year.” On the topic of practice during the week before the game, he explained, “It was high energy, and intensity. There was a sense of urgency in everything we did, and we had a lot of focus.” He was also asked what motivated the effort during the game. “We just really want to do something special that North Point has never done before and that’s go undefeated and host the first ever home playoff game in North Point history for football.” Lastly, Wilson was asked if he knew any up-and-coming players on the team that fans should keep their eye out for, to which he replied, Jemichael Jones (’18).

Overall, the victory was a wonderful event that the team could put under their belt to carry into the rest of the season. Let’s all cheer on the varsity football team as they continue on undefeated.