Lights’ Midnight Machines


In 2014, Canadian synthpop singer/songwriter Lights released a new album entitled “Little Machines,” which is now being acoustically covered in her newest album, “Midnight Machines.” This is the second time that Lights has released an acoustic version of a previous album, the first being “Siberia Acoustic” which featured ten out of the fifteen songs on “Siberia” having been changed from their original electronic sound to a more subdued tone.


“Little Machines” sold 8,500 copies in the first week as well as winning “Pop Album of the Year” at the 2015 JUNO awards, spotlighted also by the fact that the album was recorded all during Lights’ pregnancy. The first time she released an acoustic album, it was very well received. The original “Siberia” album sold over 10,000 copies in its first week, its acoustic counterpart receiving rave reviews. Alex Beebe of Sputnikmusic stated “while most acoustic albums prove to be forgettable and throwaway renditions of infinity superior songs, Lights has shown the proper way to go unplugged and remain just as interesting.”


After legally changing her name from Valerie Poxleitner to her stage name, Lights’ career first took off when she was twenty-one after the release of her breakout album, “The Listening.” She is known primarily for her vocals, but also excels at the synthesizer, keytar, guitar, and piano in her high energy, electronic hits. She is also known by many for her marriage to Beau Bokan, frontman of the well-known metalcore band Blessthefall, and her previous work with Bring Me The Horizon and Owl City.


“Midnight Machines” was announced with a music video for the acoustic version of the “Little Machines” song, “Meteorite.” The remarkable thing about the music video, however, is that it was filmed in reverse. Lights needed to lip sync backwards as well as 2.5x slower than the regular speed of the song so that everything matched up with the video. It truly showcases her skill as an artist.


After one acoustic album went so well, it is easy to expect “Midnight Machines” to be even better. The album is currently available for Pre-Order on iTunes and is expected to be released on April 8, with a tour already in the works.