NPHS Choir starts a new year


Every year is an exciting one for North Point High School’s choirs. So many amazing voices emerge from these groups. There are voices and songs that are memorable year after year. The students in choir put all their effort into making their songs the best they can be. The choirs are Women’s choir, Concert choir, oNPoint choir, Eagles in Harmony, and Chamber choir. North Point choir over the years has had some amazing concerts and unforgettable moments. Senior Arriana Howard, (Chamber Choir) talked about what she is excited to see this year. “I’m excited to see the newbies we have,” exclaimed Howard. “I am eager to see how we sound together as a group.” It is true that North Point Choir has had so many individuals stand out. Names such as Justin Mines, Aliyah Barnes, Christian Stewart,  and Jaylnn Clancy come to mind. This year, others will emerge as they show their love for music and their talent. But a choir isn’t one person. A choir is a group united that stand together as one. Last year, North Point had three choirs represent their school at District and State festival. The oNPoint choir, Eagles in Harmony, and Chamber choir all went to each event and received scores of “excellent” and “great.” Teacher Mrs. Kristin Helming talked about why she’s so excited for this year in choir. “Our Concerts!” said Helming enthusiastically. “We have some awesome pieces lined up for the year. The way the choir students work is beyond amazing, they work so hard to remember their music.” Mrs. Helming, and all of North Point High School Choirs, invite the public to come out December 15th for the annual Winter Concert. There is also the Spring Concert, and Cafe Concert later this year.  Bring a friend and the choirs promise to deliver a show you will be talking about with friends and family for days after. You’ll be on your feet cheering the young men and ladies you saw perform. So come on down and see the 2016-2017 North Point High School Choirs.