‘Get Out’ to the Movie Theater

Get Out to the Movie Theater

You’ve probably heard about this movie by now because of all the hype and buzz it has been getting, but if you haven’t, Get Out, is the movie of the year at the moment. As you sit in the theater watching previews, you don’t know what to expect. The reviews online have been nothing but stunning and they’ve left you wondering what happens within the scenes to create such an uproar. That’s when the lights dim all the way down and you know the movie is about to begin.

The first scene appears on the screen and you see a man walking down the street at night. He’s talking on the phone to someone, trying to figure out directions to where ever he’s trying to reach. Then, a mysterious car pulls up and the ominous feeling of dread shows up in the pit of everyone’s stomach all throughout the theater. The man on the screen knows what’s up and he tries to avoid the car, but unfortunately, he isn’t so lucky. All of a sudden, he is just snatched without any warrant. That’s the moment everyone knows this movie is going to be a chilling one.

The next scene is a lot more light-hearted. The popular song, “Redbone,” by Childish Gambino is playing in the background and everyone’s mood significantly changes. This is where the lead character, Chris, is introduced. However, there is still that weird feeling in the back of your mind that something just isn’t right.

You want to believe that everything is fine and the movie will end with all the characters unscathed, but you know that isn’t the case. The man from the very first scene appears, and although you can’t quite put your finger on what happened to him, you find out at the very end. As you near the end of the movie, everything just comes together. All the puzzle pieces are connected as you watch Chris uncover some gruesome secrets the other characters have been hiding.

Get Out is a movie that is full of plot twists and scenes that you would’ve never guess would happen. This film really makes you think about the discrimination and racial issues that are rolling around the nation right now. “I feel as though it shed light onto the stereotypes of racism. The reason why they [the Armitage family] chose the race of people they did in the first place was because of the ‘advantages’ that blacks were thought to have,” sophomore Jasmine Forbes explains. If you’re in the mood for a good suspenseful, thrilling movie, Get Out is the one for you.