The Talent at Annmarie Garden

This year, Annmarie Sculpture Garden unveiled their ‘Vibe Check Art Show,’ displaying art from all different high schools across Maryland. This has allowed young artists the opportunity to display their talents to a large group of people, an opportunity they’ve never had before. This year, our own ceramics teacher, Dr. Alo, had the privilege of allowing her students to enter the exhibit. This includes artwork from artists like Lydia Wiles, Sierra Noland, and Jordyn Riley.

Getting accepted into the art show was a big deal, especially when so many people from one class got accepted. I asked in an interview how some of the winners felt when they heard that they won. Lydia Wiles, who not only was accepted into the art show but won the Vibe Check award, detailed her feelings, saying “I was ecstatic. I was really happy because this is official, this is a real art exhibit. This is professional. This is my first official step to becoming a professional artist.” Riley elaborates, “I was really excited. I wasn’t really confident, so like to be excepted into a professional exhibit, it really made me feel better about what I was producing, and I was really excited for other people.” Finally, Sierra Noland details her feelings, sharing “I was really excited because I didn’t think I would get my art in Annmarie Garden, but to see that I got in, made me feel way better about my art.” All these talented people being able to express themselves is the goal of Annmarie Garden, and it’s beautiful getting to see so many young artists being inspired by their peers, all reinforcing the importance of art as a whole.

Inspiration is a big part of creating a piece of artwork. When asked about what inspired them, Wiles responds, “The ability to create something new each time.” She goes on to explain what inspires her, “Art always evolving and changing and seeing other artists and just seeing what’s out there and all the possibilities, that’s what inspires me.” Noland details her inspirations, “The world, music, other artists.” Inspiration as a whole is hard to come by but can be found in many different things. Dr. Alo encourages her students to create a digital library filled with pictures that they can use for inspiration, which helps them during those moments of Art Block.

Many of the contenders wanted to be an artist after they finish high school, and Annmarie Garden was the first step in achieving that dream. Wiles feels as though this is just the beginning, claiming that “I want to be an artist, and this is literally like the first step, like getting accepted and winning, it’s all just the beginning.” Noland mentioned how important it is for your art to be seen, “Getting your art out there, you’re getting seen. So, it’s good for other people to see your art, you know, get your name out there,” shares Noland.

Annmarie Garden was packed the day of the exhibit, proving how important art is to so many people. Art is significant to countless students, and it’s great that North Point is encouraging  them to pursue heir goals. Hopefully, Annmarie Garden continues to be an inspiration to so many young artists, and the Vibe Check art show is able to continue in the future.